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The insulated collection: ingenious products for well-organized outings

The brand is renowned for its high-quality childcare products and continues to innovate to make parents' lives easier. The Mellipou insulated collection is a range of products specially designed to keep toddlers' food and drinks cool or warm during outings. In this article, we'll explore in detail this ingenious, functional collection and their usefulness for families on the go.

Insulated pouch and fanny pack

Isothermal products for optimal organization

The insulated collection offers a variety of practical and thoughtful products to keep food and drinks cold.
The insulated pouches , available in three different sizes , offer a practical solution for carrying baby bottles, baby food and snacks. The S size is ideal for baby bottles, while the M size is ideal for small pots. The L size can accommodate more food for a longer outing, this pouch fits perfectly into a standard tote bag for optimal transport.

Thanks to their compact size and elegant design, these pouches fit easily into a diaper bag or backpack, ensuring optimal organization during family outings. These universal insulated pouches are easy to clean, which is essential for maintaining optimal hygiene for your child.

These insulated pouches feature high-quality thermal insulation that keeps food at the ideal temperature, preserving its freshness or warmth and taste. Equipped with practical Velcro to facilitate opening and closing of the pockets, but also for optimal insulation. Quality products made in France for top-notch outings.

Hot-cold insulated pouches

Insulated fanny packs, the ally of active parents

For parents who want to keep their hands free when going out, the collection also contains insulated fanny packs . These practical bags provide ample storage space for snacks, drinks, etc. They feature effective thermal insulation that keeps food and drinks fresh or hot for an extended period of time.

Available in sizes M and L, these insulated fanny packs simply adjust to the size of each parent thanks to their adjustable belt. They are designed to offer comfort and practicality while ensuring optimal organization during outdoor activities or outings in the city.

You can easily put your insulated fanny pack in your diaper bag so you don't have to carry two bags. You will always have room to store your personal belongings.

An innovative product that you won't see anywhere else, with always top quality materials and manufacturing.

Insulated fanny pack

This insulated collection offers a practical and functional solution for families on the go. High-quality insulated pouches and insulated fanny packs keep little ones' food and drinks safe, ensuring well-organized outings.

Thanks to their elegant design and ingenious functionality, these products fit perfectly into the routine of active parents. With Mellipou, families can fully enjoy their outings while always having fresh food on hand for their children.

It already smells like vacation!

Ps: For parents, we can also have a picnic aperitif there! 🤫

Insulated pouch for tote bag

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