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Our values

At Mellipou, the protection of our children and the environment are among our deepest values. This is why we choose the cleanest materials for our products, packaging and fillings.

I have always been keen to never waste, to be careful with objects, to turn off the lights, to unplug chargers when they are not in use...But also to use printed paper as draft...without particularly thinking about our planet but because my parents educated me like that and it is part of me.

When I created Mellipou some things stayed, others didn't because I let myself be influenced.

I was asked for a better presentation of products in store with packaging, displays to highlight the brand...And stupidly I dove into it without thinking that I was going to regret complying with my customers' requests or the consequences on the environment.

So today more than ever I decided to impose my way of seeing things. A more responsible world.

You follow me ?"

Marie, the creator.

The know-how of our suppliers

Our suppliers are talented

To create Mellipou, we had to find the best know-how. We choose made in France for our suppliers of satin ribbons, ropes, hair clips, Velcro, etc.

The diversity of talents in each country allowed us to find suppliers who mastered the techniques as best as possible. We therefore went to Portugal for the manufacture of our composition labels and labels, to Spain for some of our fabric bags and finally to Turkey for the cotton quality of our fabric.

We also use know-how beyond borders for our music box mechanisms. China is the only country in the world to make our sweet lullabies.

And presto, all that remains is to assemble everything in our Parisian workshop!

Our eco-responsible DNA

The textile industry being one of the most polluting sectors, we had to act today to preserve the environment for future generations. We then design all our products to order to be part of a responsible approach.


All our products are Oeko-Tex certified! We guarantee the absence of chemical substances in textiles that could be harmful to babies.


To market our modern lullabies, we must own the copyright of the works. This is why we are in close collaboration with the Sony Entertainment and Universal Music labels. They give us the rights and we have to pay the royalty fee. Consequently, all the works we use are validated by these labels.

It has happened to us that certain authors and/or composers want to stop the collaboration without notice, or that we cannot produce certain titles that we love because the record company does not grant us the rights.

On the other hand, some clients often ask us for a specific lullaby to put their baby to sleep. Please note that in the vast majority of cases this is not possible. First of all because of these copyrights, then we have to create the piano version and sometimes because of technical constraints, we don't recognize the melody and yes, 18 notes isn't a lot!

Then, create the mold that will allow the lullaby to be played....And finally you have to produce large quantities.

There you go! It’s a real journey!

This is why we have a specific but magical catalog !

Recycled filling

Our filling is made from regenerated polyester . These are the fibers from recycled plastic bottles that make this filling possible.

On the one hand, we want to limit the unnecessary production of additional polyester and on the other, to protect the oceans from the waste that pollutes them.


We intervene on damaged products, whether it is a mechanical problem or wear. All repairs are made in our Parisian workshop in order to give them a second life and avoid overconsumption.


When there are any, they are dismantled. We separate the different new materials which can be reused. All pieces deserve a second life! The music box padding, cuffs and mechanism are recycled to create brand new products!

Organic cotton pouch & wooden rings


Concerned about our environment, we decided to replace our plastic materials with a more sustainable material: wood. We changed our cuffs for prettier ones, more ecological and above all better for the planet. Also, we turned to an arch made of beech wood, untreated and without varnish in order to be eco-responsible.

It is our duty as a manufacturer to ensure (the health of all)


To move towards a more responsible world, we have chosen to no longer make gift packages. Pretty reusable GOTS fabric bags have been designed to store your musical cushions and accessories. Even prettier than a gift parquet floor, isn’t it?

Gots certification ( Global Organic Textile Standard) is the reference label to guarantee the organic status of the textile fibers used.

More than 95% certified organic fibers

Less than 5% artificial or synthetic fibers

Daily actions

At Mellipou , we try as much as possible to reduce our plastic consumption. This is why we send a significant part of our products in recycled and recyclable boxes .

Mellipou green is also about small everyday gestures. In the office, we limit printing as much as possible and only when necessary. You will also notice in your orders that no invoice is boxed. The customer can request it from us if necessary.

Every year we divert Black Friday , this action which advocates over-consumption for Green Friday which is more responsible. On that day, we donate 10% of our turnover to the Zéro Wast association which is committed to limiting our impact on the environment by reducing the quantity of waste we produce.


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