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Why give my baby an organic fabric music box?

Musical plush toy in organic cotton

In recent years, organic products have become increasingly popular because they offer many benefits. They prevent health problems and respect the environment. It's much healthier, especially for babies.

A music box that respects baby's skin

Giving a music box is a very original gift, it allows baby to develop their ear for music. The lullaby also gives him a sleep rhythm. Our music boxes are modern and original lullabies. They are a pleasure for baby's ears and parents' ears. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Adèle ... this is an original and fun gift. When the customizable musical cushion is a plush toy, it's the best.

The soft toy also offers an important sensory dimension in the child's development. The comforter takes on a lot of smells: that of baby, mom, dad and even laundry. The comforter reassures baby, it is easy to cuddle and will become his best friend. All these smells are a comfort for the child at bedtime and if the fabric of the musical plush toy is organic cotton, it's the perfect combo.

ORGANIC cotton is grown without pesticides and bleached without chlorine. It is also respectful for the workers who cultivate it, because they take fewer risks and are better paid. The difference between classic cotton and organic cotton is made at the very beginning with a non-GMO seed and during cultivation. In addition, there are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The organic cotton of our musical cushions is much softer than classic cotton. It takes care of baby's fragile skin. There is no redness, itching and irritation. Baby's sensitive skin is preserved. ORGANIC cotton is also anti-allergenic . As there are no chemicals, it is healthier for baby's fragile skin and their health.

Our musical cushions from the BIO range are perfect for babies with very sensitive skin. Baby can fall asleep peacefully without risk linked to the fabric.

Musical cushion in organic fabric

Oeko-Tex and GOTS certification

To be sure to buy original, non-toxic baby products and accessories, there are two types of labels for cotton: the Oeko-Tex label and theGOTS label .

  • The Oeko-Tex label ensures that there are no toxic products that could be harmful to the environment or the body. All Mellipou products are made from Oeko-Tex certified cotton: it is important for us to protect baby's skin, but also that of mother.
  • The GOTS label stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, it is a different certification in terms of environmentally friendly production. This certification guarantees the organic status of the fibers used. From the start of production of the raw material to the finished product, the production processes used are respectful of the environment and workers.

    At Mellipou, we follow an eco-responsible approach, especially with our products, which we produce to order, in our Parisian workshop. This is also what is made in France .

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