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Why give gender-neutral gifts to babies?

little gender-neutral musical cloud

In recent years, gender-neutral gifts have become very popular at baby showers and on baby registries. Many parents do not want to know the sex of the child right away. It is therefore natural to create products adapted to their needs. Some do not want their child to live in a box and prefer to give them the choice.

Gender stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are preconceived and often limiting ideas about the roles, behaviors and characteristics that are considered appropriate for boys and girls. These stereotypes are frequently transmitted from early childhood through education, the media, and society in general . Gender stereotypes can influence how children perceive their own gender, but also how they perceive other genders.

Gender stereotypes can have negative consequences for children. For example, girls may be encouraged to play with dolls and be attentive, while boys are encouraged to play with cars and be active. These expectations can limit the choice of activities and toys that children consider acceptable for their gender, which can hinder their personal development. Additionally, gender stereotypes can also contribute to discrimination, stigmatization and harassment against children who do not conform to traditional gender expectations.

Gender stereotypes can also have negative consequences on society as a whole. They can contribute to the perpetuation of gender inequalities. Gender stereotypes can also influence the way women are treated in media and advertising. Finally, they can also influence the way men are perceived and treated, in order to conform to traditional expectations of masculinity.

The birth gift that promotes child development

Giving a gender-neutral baby gift helps combat stereotypes and allows the child to open up to new opportunities. Indeed, making a distinction between girls' toys and boys' toys can be problematic. It can condition the baby and does not always promote his development.

Obviously, if your child loves pink or blue, there's nothing stopping you from giving them a gender-neutral gift. This gives greater freedom and open-mindedness to the child.

It is therefore advisable to buy diverse toys and games, so that the child develops his own choices. This gives him better personal esteem , which is essential to the development of the child, particularly during early childhood.

This popular trend which favors equality and respect offers several advantages. Preparing for a birth is very complicated, it becomes simpler when you do not know the sex of the child. It is therefore also simpler to offer a gender-neutral birth gift , because we are not based on gender. A gender-neutral gift will blend in more easily in baby's room unlike others.

mini mixed musical cloud An original gift when you don't know the sex of the child

Our musical stars through our original wooden learning arches do not escape the rule of diversity. The fabrics of our music boxes are suitable for little girls as well as little boys, because we want babies to grow up with our musical clouds made in France . Our designs adapt to all genres.

Our customizable musical fabric cushions are made of Oeko-tex cotton , perfect for baby's first months. Their little hands can simply grab the musical comforter, thanks to its little ribbons. He will be able to wake up at the same time to a sweet , familiar lullaby ! Baby will have no trouble cuddling his cuddly toy.
Our wooden play arches with their musical cushion are pleasant to the touch. Beech wood is also antibacterial, which is practical with a baby. Robust, our wooden activity arches are resistant to baby's little hands. The wooden arch allows you to wake him up with a soft lullaby, but also modern and well-known!

Parents want practical, quality, but also original gifts. This is the whole DNA of Mellipou: original products through their well-known lullabies, pop, rock like Adèle, Stevie Wonder or Dirty Dancing ... But also original through the personalization of the musical cushion with their first name . And yes, we do that too!

We also offer mixed birth boxes and gender-neutral birth gifts with everything baby needs: with a customizable musical cuddly toy , a pacifier clip and a blanket , something to please baby.

In addition to offering mixed products, our comforters are machine washable , even with the mechanism, because it is waterproof. They are in Oeko-tex certified cotton made in France . Hallelujah, Cocorico!!

Mixed and customizable musical plush toy

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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