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Why is the diaper bag so practical?

Waterproof diaper bag

Becoming a parent is not easy, when you go out, you have to think about lots of things and above all not forget anything for your baby. In the end, we are loaded like a mule, sometimes more than we need, with this fear of not having taken enough diapers, cotton... Ah damn, the changing mat, damn, it stayed in the big bag in the bathroom… There you go!

The diaper bag

A very useful invention for parents, which is available in many different forms, to really meet everyone's needs. We find changing bags for the weekend, for every outing, in a large bag version to hang on the stroller, backpacks, shoulder bags... And now the changing fanny pack . A diaper bag in banana version, an original Mellipou creation, to simplify the lives of mothers, while maintaining style!

A wide choice is available to you. Sometimes considered ugly and too bulky, the diaper bag has continued to evolve, to satisfy young parents, but also a new generation of parents, who no longer wish to carry around a large bag.

A diaper bag, what's that? *

* Provençal phrase meaning what is this?

Imagine a stylish changing bag in a mini version, to stay fun without revealing that you have a changing bag, with all the gear that goes with it...
No need to search endlessly in a big bulky bag, now you have everything at your fingertips.
It's really the trendy accessory that trendy moms are snapping up. With the changing fanny pack, your outfit will always be incredible. Yes, mom & fashion it’s possible! That's why we released this little marvel. A revolution that will change your life and all your trips with or without baby, because this accessory is incredible.

Light and practical diaper bag

How is a diaper bag more practical?

We find the DNA of the fanny pack combined with that of the diaper bag . It’s truly the product of fashion mommy. This fanny pack offers the comfort and practicality that we love. Super large for a small size, because you can fit baby's things, but also mom's. In this small Mellipou changing bag , you can put a bottle, diapers, pacifier, swaddle blanket , wipes and an ultra-thin mattress that comes with it. Not forgetting the house keys, your wallet, your phone and your lipstick... 💄

What diaper bags most often lack is the small, light, practical, stylish and hands-free side to take care of baby. You will never have a problem with the changing fanny pack . The inside of the bag is waterproof, so no worries if you spill a product and obviously it is machine washable. We think of absolutely everything! The exterior of the bag is trendy with a fabric that will make you fall in love. We really want to make your life easier, by freeing you from the weight of a big bag, when you change your baby.
Everything at your fingertips quickly, without having to search for a long time, all in style, it's now possible.

And between us, Marie the designer wears a diaper bag while her daughter is 15 years old 🤪

In addition, this changing fanny pack is Made in France . And we are proud to say that it is made in our Parisian workshop.

If you want an eco-responsible product, which boosts your country's economy and is ultra-trendy, you are making the right choice!

Practical diaper bag

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