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Can you go to a concert while pregnant?

A pregnant woman

Baby develops in connection with mother's emotions. He learns to know the outside world and is shaped by this bond woven from the moment of conception. It is stimulated in particular by the sounds around it and more particularly from the 7th month .

The child is able to differentiate between two types of sounds : artificial sound, such as music, external noises and natural sound, the voice of mom, dad but also his big brother or sister.

The impact of volume on baby

We often say, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to stop living. I totally agree, but certain precautions must still be taken to protect the baby.

From the 18th week baby already begins to hear sounds, it is at the 24th week that he becomes more and more sensitive to them. He perceives low-frequency sounds (rather deep) like dad's voice better than high-frequency sounds (rather high-pitched) which are attenuated by the abdomen . It is therefore important for the mother-to-be to pay attention to the noises she is exposed to.

Music is very appreciated by baby, he remembers the sounds heard in the womb, so do not hesitate to talk to him and make him listen to music . We recommend music with soft sounds , like our customizable music boxes with original music like Someone like you by Adele . Pop but soft music that baby will appreciate.

Different types of concerts

During a concert the noise is very loud for babies. Depending on the type of concert, the sound volume is not the same, but not only that. The atmosphere is also different, in addition to the sound, the mother must pay attention to her environment, sitting or standing, the crowd, outdoors or indoors...

During a Rock concert the atmosphere is electric, the crowd goes crazy, even sitting down you take a certain risk, the sound and vibrations are very high over a long period of time. If the sound is already too loud for you, it is too loud for baby.
If you want to rock baby to rock, it's possible! In our original lullabies , we have the group The Doors on the legendary song Light my fire , a soft but rock'n'roll lullaby.

Pop concerts can be just as hectic for a pregnant woman, the sound still remains very loud, placed at a certain distance the risks are less but still present. Calmer concerts like that of Adèle or Angèle will be more pleasant for you and your baby .
If you feel the volume is too loud, it's time to leave.

Night concert

We have a solution for your baby: bring a little piece of Adele's concert home with our musical stuffed animals , the song " Someone like you" by the singer Adele will soothe your little one in your tummy and during their first days.

Original musical star

Classical music is recommended for babies. But as in all concerts, you have to remember to leave some distance from the stage. The atmosphere is certainly softer and more relaxing during these concerts but you still have to pay attention to the duration.

It is therefore not recommended to go to a concert when you are pregnant, particularly from the 4th month. You can still listen to music during pregnancy at a reasonable volume because it helps soothe mom and baby! Music is life, right? 😀

As for the soft melodies of our musical toys, they will satisfy baby during your pregnancy and he will be able to enjoy them afterwards. They respect baby's hearing with a repetitive and gentle rhythm. In addition, they are Made in France. Yay! 🤩

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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