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What materials to choose for baby clothes?

We parents know each other! We want the best things for our children! Especially when a little baby is about to be born. This is why Redac'Mellipou will give you a nice little list of the healthiest materials so you can choose future baby clothes with complete peace of mind !

The best fabrics for baby and children's clothing are natural fibers . Younger skin can be sensitive, so clothes should be soft, soft, and soft again!!!

To be suitable for children, the fabric must be durable and hypoallergenic . Some of the best natural choices include:

  • the cotton
  • linen
  • bamboo

Babies are extremely susceptible to infections and need comfortable, soft clothing that does not rub or scratch. The best fabrics for sensitive skin are made from natural fibers.

The cotton

Cotton is a material suitable for all seasons . Natural and versatile, this fabric can keep baby dry and comfortable. Its hypoallergenic properties can also soothe and protect the most sensitive skin.

Famous for its moisture absorption and breathability , cotton has been used for generations and has become the most popular choice for baby clothing. Soft and durable , "100% cotton" can keep up with even the toughest child. At Mellipou, we have made this choice for all our musical soft toys and baby accessories . Obviously, we always choose the best for baby, because our 100% cotton fabrics are made in France.


This fabric has several qualities perfect for taking care of baby's skin. The only negative point is that this fabric wrinkles quickly . But hey if that’s all it is!


With similar properties to cotton , bamboo is hypoallergenic and resistant to mold . Soft, comfortable and resistant, bamboo also has thermal regulating properties .

The only downside is the production process. Bamboo fabric is made from the wood pulp of the plant. It takes chemicals to turn wood pulp into a substance soft enough to make fabric. These chemicals could irritate young, delicate skin, so it's best to avoid them if your little one is sensitive or suffers from eczema.

Is polyester good for baby?

Polyester is a synthetic material derived from petroleum . It is a water-resistant fabric . Due to its waterproofness, it is used for the exterior coverings of diapers for example. Additionally, polyester is not a breathable fabric and does not regulate baby's body temperature . Polyester and its synthetic friends like nylon should be avoided.

Little tips to know about fabric:

Many fabrics will have a warning in the selvage stating " Not suitable for sleepwear " or " Keep away from heat sources ". This means the materials have not been tested to ensure it is safe to use for clothing.

Another thing to think about is the flexibility of the fabric . Babies, in particular, spend a lot of time sleeping and doing all sorts of acrobatics. They also tend to fidget during their sleep. If their clothes are too stiff it can cause discomfort and irritability . So, we're going to avoid it, right?

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