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Maternity: Giving birth with an epidural, for or against?

“Giving birth without peri” is possible and it seems that it has become trendy!

More and more pregnant women are being tempted by a birth without anesthesia. You'd like to know why ? Well, Editor’s Mellipou asked them the question! 

Émilie: "During my first birth, I was totally a spectator of what was happening. I had the impression that I was only good at listening to what the midwives were telling me and I didn't not really been able to fully enjoy my childbirth. I think that, for my second child, I will give birth without an epidural. It may sound crazy, but I think that experiencing childbirth is becoming fully aware of what our body is capable of to do." 

Alexandrine:Personally I am for childbirth with an epidural because I think it is an opportunity for us to be medically assisted. I am happy to have been able to give birth with an epidural because it allowed me to reduce the pain. Having had a difficult birth, I don't think I'll be able to do the same thing again without it." 

Solène:I think it depends on each person and their ability to tolerate pain. It is not because a woman gives birth without an epidural that she will be considered more of a “good mother”. And yet, it is is something I hear a lot around me and I find it quite surprising." 

Noémie: " From my first child, I decided to give birth without an epidural. It was clear in my head. But I had no choice because he didn't want to go down alone. For my second baby, in England , I had prepared everything in a natural way. Sophrology course to manage pain, scheduled water birth, quick exit. I wanted to give birth without an epidural, at that moment, because I needed to become one with my baby, to feel each contraction and to understand the needs of my body. Pushing under the orders of a midwife is not the same as pushing under the natural orders of your body. Even though it hurts, I want to know everything about the birth of my baby."

Giving birth without an epidural today shows the modernity of today's society and that women can use their bodies as they wish. It is because a woman has the choice that she allows herself to give birth without an epidural! Anesthesia remains an option, as a last resort. You still shouldn't be ashamed to ask to give birth with it. You need to follow your body and do what is best for it.

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