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Maternity: 1st pregnancy, everything you need to know!

At Mellipou, we know that the first pregnancy is a unique moment! This is the moment when we realize that we too become parents. And as the editor likes to advise her clients, we will give you all the tips and advice to prepare for this unique moment!

To begin with, you should know that a full-term pregnancy extends over three trimesters and lasts approximately 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period. Each trimester, the fetus reaches specific developmental milestones. You will therefore have three ultrasounds, over three trimesters.

The first trimester

During the first trimester , your baby grows from a fertilized egg to a fetus about 6 cm long at 12 weeks. It is at the end of the first trimester that your baby's heart begins to beat and the brain , stomach and intestines develop. There are little bumps called " buds " where arms and legs begin to grow.

For some women, the first trimester is characterized by nausea, often referred to as nausea. morning sickness ”, although they can occur at any time of the day. But remember that every pregnancy is different! Some women have food cravings , others have no change in appetite.

The first ultrasound also occurs where the number of embryos, vitality and morphology of the baby are checked by a midwife to find out if the start of the pregnancy is going well.

A good diet

During pregnancy, it is important to adapt your diet to allow your baby's good development ! But it's also important to pay attention to yourself (something we often forget when we're pregnant). Opt for a varied and balanced diet to avoid excessive weight gain and deficiencies in vitamins , calcium, iron or iodine . Eat fiber (fruits, vegetables, cereals), drink lots of water and walk ! Nothing better when you're pregnant!

If one day you overindulge, don't panic! This happens frequently! If the chocolate bar gets in there, it's not very serious but not every day (even if that said, it's full of iron). The creator of Mellipou was able to lose her 22 kilos during pregnancy, we trust you to recover your figure ;)

Sport, but not just any sport!

For sports lovers, there are practices suitable for pregnancy. Walking is the best! 30 mins a day is enough to keep you in good shape! Swimming or yoga are also sports that you can practice to relax during your pregnancy. Don't forget the little cuddles between lovers!

Dental hygiene, a ritual not to be missed!

With pregnancy and hormonal changes, teeth and gums become weakened, causing pain , bleeding and sometimes cavities . Visit your dentist regularly to see if everything is going well and to alert him or her of any unusual signs. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Don't hesitate to ask your mom or your friends for their opinion.

Ban alcohol and cigarettes as much as possible!

We know very well that alcohol abuse and cigarettes are not good for our health, let alone for babies! All of these substances can cause serious lesions , malformations , or disabilities because they are found in the placenta .

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