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The origin of the music box

carousel music box

The music box is an object that has a long history and rich cultural significance. It has evolved over the centuries to become the melodious object that we know today.

What are its origins ?

The first known music boxes date from the end of the Middle Ages in Europe. The spring mechanisms that operated the stringed instruments were simple, but produced melodious sounds. Music boxes were often handmade by experienced craftsmen and were considered luxury items. The themes of the music were generally religious or inspired by folk tales.

Over the following centuries, music boxes underwent technical improvements and different manufacturing styles. Spring mechanisms were replaced by cylinder mechanisms, which allowed a greater choice of lullabies. Music boxes were also made in different styles, ranging from carved wooden music boxes to metal music boxes.

The place of the music box in popular culture

The music box has also played an important role in popular culture. It is usually associated with nostalgia and childhood . Overall, we all had a music box in our room, for my part, it was a ballerina that turned on itself! 😀 They were used to entertain children or adults. There are even tales and legends that have been created around the music box.

The music box has also been used in cinema and television to create a nostalgic or romantic atmosphere. Music boxes have been used in advertisements to sell products such as perfumes and watches (we won't mention brands 😬)

The music box today

Today, the music box is still a popular object, although it has evolved over time. Modern music boxes are also more affordable for consumers.

They can have varied designs ranging from traditional carved wooden music boxes to modern fabric music boxes in the shape of a cloud, star or cushion. There are even some that can be personalized with the baby's first name. Personalization also involves the lullaby with, for example, a lullaby known as Harry Potter or Stevie Wonder

Rock and modern music boxes can also be equipped with additional features such as LED lights like our customizable musical night lights . In an ultra-modern version there are also musical toys connected via Bluetooth like the Itbam . To put baby to sleep remotely and play all the well-known lullabies you want. Original, right?

Modern fabric music boxes like musical clouds can also be used as decoration for the baby's room or you can give it as a gift for special occasions for births, birthdays or baptisms.

Musical plush toy with famous lullaby

The music box is an object that has spanned the centuries and continues to evolve today. The timeless toy to put babies to sleep. You should also know that today music boxes are more affordable and offer a variety of designs and features to suit everyone's tastes and needs. They continue to be loved for their lullabies and for their sentimental value.

Long live music boxes baby! ❤️

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