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The art of patience: managing moments of crisis in children

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Parenting is an EXCITING adventure, but it is also fraught with small problems and crises. Managing times when our children are experiencing intense emotions can be quite a challenge. However, by developing your patience, you can get through these difficult times with calm and serenity. But it's easy to say! 😅

Understanding the child's emotions

The first step to managing these moments of crisis is to understand your child's emotions. Children, especially toddlers, have difficulty expressing how they feel . They may be overwhelmed by emotions like frustration, anger, or sadness . By developing your ability to read their non-verbal signals such as through play, drawing or gestures . You will be better equipped to respond appropriately.

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Stay calm and patient

When your child is having a tantrum, it is essential to stay calm. Children absorb their parents' emotions , so if you get upset, it can make the situation worse. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and remember that this crisis is an opportunity to teach your child important emotional skills .

Listen and validate

Active listening is a key element of crisis management. Let your child express himself, ask open-ended questions to understand what triggers his tantrum, and validate his emotions. Say things like "I understand you're angry" or "It's okay to feel sad sometimes." This shows your child that you are there to support them.

Propose alternative solutions

Instead of simply reprimanding your child, offer alternative solutions . For example, if your child gets angry because he can't have a candy before dinner, offer him a healthier alternative. This helps the child learn to solve problems and manage their emotions constructively.
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You are his example

Show your child how to manage emotions appropriately by being a role model. Talk about your own emotions and how you deal with them. This teaches your child that expressing emotions is normal and that there are healthy ways to manage them.

The importance of rules

Consistency is essential when raising children. Establish clear rules and consistent consequences for inappropriate behavior. When your child knows what to expect, they are more likely to manage their emotions appropriately.

Show compassion to yourself

Finally, remember to be compassionate to yourself as a parent. Dealing with tantrums in children can be exhausting, and it's normal to feel overwhelmed at times. Take time to recharge and seek support when you need it.

Go out for 10 minutes and take a deep breath!

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