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Everyday parenting

Parenthood is an epic adventure full of unforgettable moments, laughter, challenges and discoveries. Every day brings its share of surprises and opportunities to learn and grow as a parent.

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Frantic mornings

Mornings as a parent are often a frantic dance of waking up early, making breakfast, and checking school bags . The hands of the watch seem to move at breakneck speed, and every minute counts.

Yet, in the midst of this frenzy, there is something magical. It's the time when morning cuddles and sweet words mingle with the bustling rhythm of routine. Hectic mornings can be chaotic, but they're also an opportunity to create special bonds with your kids. So don't forget the morning cuddle!

The Challenges of Screen Time

In today's digital age, balancing screen time with real-world activities is a constant challenge for parents. Smartphones, tablets and computers have become an integral part of daily life, providing our children with access to a fascinating digital world.

However, it is essential to set limits to avoid overexposure to screens. Parents are juggling the delicate task of allowing their children to enjoy the benefits of technology while still balancing physical activities, outdoor play and quality family time. And remember, never before baby is two years old.

It's a challenge, but it also offers the opportunity to encourage creativity and offline learning, thereby balancing the virtual world with the real world.

Child on a screen

Moments of wonder

Every day your children discover something new. It could be a butterfly in the garden or a solved math puzzle. Baby will also be amazed by hearing the superb lullaby of his musical plush toy , the magical world of Harry Potter at his fingertips .
These moments of wonder are the gems of parenthood and you have to savor every moment.

Meal challenges

Getting children to eat can be a real challenge. Changing food preferences, "I don't like it" phases, and battles over vegetables are all familiar situations. However, it's also an opportunity to explore creative ways to make mealtimes fun and nutritious. (PS: pureed broccoli is so good).

Colorful dishes, fun shapes and involving children in the kitchen can transform meals into moments of learning and discovery. Meal challenges are a normal part of life, but they also provide opportunities to cultivate healthy eating habits.

Dad and child preparing food

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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