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Music to soothe babies: myth or reality?

Musical cloud Lie

In the wonderful world of babies, music occupies a special place. For generations, it has been said that music has a calming power on little ones. But, is it a simple myth or a reality?

We explore the impact of music on babies' well-being, highlighting innovative solutions like those proposed by Mellipou. Discover how music can play a key role in calming and comforting your baby, while adding a touch of sweetness and style to your daily life.

Music, a soothing melody for the senses

Music has a universal language that touches our emotions and senses from a very young age. Babies, who are sensitive to different sounds, can find comfort and calm in soft, harmonious melodies .

Studies have shown that music can reduce stress, calm crying, and promote sleep in babies . Mellipou has perfectly captured this idea by offering a range of musical comforters with delicate and soothing sounds, designed to lull your baby in a cocoon of serenity.

Customizable music box

The benefits of music on baby development

Music not only calms crying and soothes babies, it also helps with their development . Rhythms and melodies stimulate their sense of listening, facilitate their motor coordination and awaken their sensory curiosity. By exposing your baby to varied musical sounds, you stimulate his cognitive and emotional development.

We offer a wide range of products, such as musical arches , musical soft toys , or even musical night lights which offer an enriching hearing experience for your baby, while being an elegant decorative element for their room.

Musical soft toys made in France

Music as an emotional bond between parents and baby

Music also creates a strong emotional bond between parents and their baby . Moments of singing, dancing or cuddling to music strengthen the emotional bond and promote interaction with your little one.

Our musical soft toys are real play and comfort companions for your baby. These soft and melodious cuddly toys are designed with love to offer your baby moments of complicity and sweetness, while creating precious memories.

Our lullabies are special because they can even put parents to sleep. 😧
Yes, at our house, the whole family falls asleep to Game of Thrones, The Doors, Harry Potter or even Adele....

We ensure that baby has the best time sleeping, our products are designed so that baby can handle them without any problem. This is why all our products are Oeko-tex certified and made with love in our Parisian workshop.

Customizable musical star

We can say that music has a real calming and stimulating power on babies. It favors their well-being, their development and strengthens family ties.

Mellipou products, with their captivating musical universe, offer elegant and practical solutions to gently rock and awaken your baby. Discover the magic of music to soothe your baby and add a touch of style to your daily life. Offer him a world of melodies where comfort and harmony mingle, for precious and serene moments.

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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