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Being a singer and a parent at the same time, how do they do it?

Being a rockstar is an exceptional adventure that immerses you in two very distinct, but incredibly enriching worlds: motherhood and passion for music. However, balancing these two aspects of life can sometimes be a big challenge.

Motherhood is an unparalleled experience for any mother, often described as one of the most extraordinary in life. It is a journey that begins with moments of intense pain , but leads to immeasurable joy . For many celebrity moms, this means putting their music careers on pause for a while to fully devote themselves to the growth and well-being of their children.

The first years are often marked by sleepless nights, changing diapers, and lullaby songs instead of fiery concerts. For example, Adele took a break from her career to be by her son's side.

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On the other hand, the passion for music never dies for a rockstar. It may subside temporarily, but it still burns in the heart. Singers know that music is an integral part of their identity, and they find creative ways to nourish it, even when their time is limited.

Whether it's playing guitar to baby or writing lyrics during nap time , rockstars always find a way to stay connected to their art with a baby in their arms. For example, Pink, the energetic pop rock singer, juggles her music career while being a devoted mom of two.

So how do these parents balance baby and music? The key is organization and support . They set well-defined schedules for working on their music, ensuring that it doesn't intrude on time spent with their children.

Additionally, they surround themselves with trusted people, whether partners, family members or babysitters, who can take care of the children when they need to focus on their music. Beyoncé, one of the most influential artists of our time, has repeatedly shown how she manages to maintain her musical success while being an attentive mother to her three children.

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Becoming a parent often brings a new source of inspiration . The experiences as parents, the joys and challenges, all of this can be integrated into music in a deep and meaningful way.

The lyrics sometimes become love letters to their children, and the music becomes a way to convey important life lessons. For example, Alanis Morissette, an alternative rock icon, channeled her experience of motherhood into her album "Jagged Little Pill Acoustic."

Many French artists have written songs about the arrival of their children, expressing their joy, concerns and emotions related to parenthood. Here are some examples of French artists who have created songs on this theme:

  1. Mylène Farmer wrote the song "L'Âme-Stram-Gram" for her son, evoking parenthood and tenderness towards the child.

  2. Renaud wrote the song "Les Bobos" in 2002, which is about the birth of his daughter Lolita. The song reflects a father's concerns for his child's future.

  3. Benjamin Biolay has written several songs inspired by his family life. “Ton Héritage” is one of those songs that evokes his son.

  4. Julien Doré wrote the song “Coco Câline” in 2016, inspired by the birth of his niece. The song expresses his love for the child and his desire to protect her.

  5. Louane wrote “Maman” in 2018 for her son. The song celebrates motherhood and maternal love.

  6. Zazie wrote the song "J'arrive" to celebrate the birth of her son in 2004

At Mellipou, we would like to tell all these singers to continue making babies!

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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