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Behind the scenes, the French manufacturing of Mellipou

Mellipou is a brand well known for its quality products which bring softness and harmony to parents and children. One of the most important characteristics of Mellipou is its commitment to French manufacturing. Today, we take you behind the scenes of this superb brand to discuss French manufacturing with Marie, the manager and creator of the brand.

Question : Hello Marie, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. To begin, can you tell us what inspired you to choose French manufacturing for your products?

Marie : Hello, it’s a pleasure to enlighten our readers about the brand. Basically, it wasn't really a choice, made in France was born from a problem. Indeed in 2008, I contacted factories in Europe to manufacture my products, however they requested a lot of quantity per color and size. It was huge for me who was just starting out. This option was therefore not possible. I first found a workshop in Paris that could produce small quantities, then very quickly I created my own. This is how made in France imposed itself on me. Today, I am proud of our French heritage. This allows us to maintain total control over manufacturing quality , support the French and local economy and reduce our carbon footprint by limiting international transport.

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Question : This is an admirable perspective. Can you tell us more about the manufacturing stages of your products in France?

Mary : Of course. It all starts with the design of the products, which is done internally by myself, I look for the fabric of the moment, I also work on exclusive prints...I can flash on colors that inspire me and repeat fifteen times that I love it at the risk of upsetting those around me!

Once I've made my color selection, printed it out, I run a sample and I'm just out the door to make the prototype. Because everything is managed in the same place which is very practical when you don't have patience 😅.

In production we cut, assemble and discuss the product, then we redo it until I am completely satisfied. I have a great team that I can count on and I have complete confidence in them. But they know my requirements in terms of quality. I happened to make around twenty prototypes for a single product, can you imagine the work?! I also kept them in an archive!

Oeko-tex fabric from Mellipou

Question : Handcrafted is a notable feature of Mellipou. How does this artisanal approach add value to your products?

Marie : The artisanal approach is at the heart of our philosophy. It allows us to create unique products, made with great care and attention. I like beautiful products.

In addition, by working with our qualified in-house seamstresses, we promote the transmission of skills and the maintenance of manufacturing in France which is very important to me.

Question : Can you give us an overview of the challenges and benefits of in-house manufacturing in France?

Marie : In-house manufacturing in France has challenges, particularly in terms of cost and labor management . Everyone knows that an employee in France is expensive. But I have done my calculations, this ensures total control over the quantity, quality and traceability of the products.

In addition, this reinforces our commitment to the local economy and the preservation of French know-how. By manufacturing only to order I have full control of the budget. I order my raw materials only when I need them.

Mellipou stock diaper bag

Question : To conclude, what is Mellipou's vision for the future?

Marie : My vision is to continue to produce our products in-house in Paris while maintaining our high quality standards. I also want to develop the product range while respecting our commitment to the environment, parents and especially children . I am proud of what we have accomplished over the past fifteen years and I look forward to continually creating and introducing new products that our customers enjoy.

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