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How can music help Montessori education?

Montessori education is an educational approach that emphasizes children's autonomy, sensory exploration and overall development . Music plays an essential role in this method, stimulating the senses, promoting concentration and encouraging creative expression.
Find out how to integrate musical elements into your child's Montessori environment.

The benefits of music in Montessori education 

Music offers many benefits for toddler development in Montessori education. It stimulates language, motor coordination, active listening and promotes memorization.
Musical cushions and musical night lights are examples of products suitable for young children, offering well-known soothing lullabies and developing listening and attention skills in our little ones.

Made in France with Oeko-tex cotton , these musical soft toys with a customizable lullaby ensure the safety and comfort of your child while introducing them to music from an early age.

customizable musical night light

The importance of musical awakening arches

Beech wood musical learning arches are another key element for Montessori education. They allow children to discover different sounds and textures while encouraging motor skills and exploration . These arches are often equipped with small musical instruments, such as bells, which stimulate hearing and coordination. The stimulation of baby's senses also continues with touch thanks to the little cloud and the little pouët-pouët.

By integrating a musical learning arch into your child's Montessori environment, you offer them a sensory, enriching and fun experience. The small musical cushion included in the Mellipou wooden activity arch allows you to stimulate baby to the sound of the lullaby and parents will also appreciate it.

musical awakening arch

The use of lullabies in Montessori education 

Lullabies play an important role in Montessori education by providing a calm and soothing environment . Soft, familiar melodies help little ones relax, enable sleep and create an atmosphere conducive to learning . By incorporating lullabies, you offer your child a feeling of familiarity and comfort.

Mellipou's musical soft toys offer famous lullabies like Harry Potter or La Boum... , allowing your child to relax with timeless melodies and so much nicer than the classics! 😅

customizable musical star

Music plays an important role in Montessori education by stimulating the senses, promoting concentration and encouraging creative expression . Musical cuddly toys or musical activity arches are key elements.

Have a good sleep everyone ❤️

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