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Baby sleep: how to get him to sleep quickly?

What time should baby go to bed?

We know that baby's sleep is essential and that of their parents too! So don't panic, Editor's Mellipou will tell you everything so that this moment becomes a moment of happiness.

What sleep schedule for baby?

During the first months of his life, baby is a real groundhog, he sleeps between 16 and 20 hours a day ! Despite this, he may have some difficulty falling asleep, so it is important to establish a healthy environment. We don't leave baby in a corner , no, and it is recommended to make him sleep in the parents' room until he is 6 months maximum with an ambient temperature between 19 and 20°C. He will be reassured and you will be too.

When to put baby to bed in the evening?

It is recommended to put him to bed at a fixed time as often as possible. Favor your own crib, the parents' bedroom should be avoided, not only for your privacy as a couple, but also for your peace of mind, because we are talking about baby's sleep ? A baby makes a lot of noises at night, little snores, sighs, mouth noises...!

Our dear sleep experts recommend putting a young child to bed between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. until at least three years old, so that baby's sleep is ideal!

Baby sleep: how to establish a bedtime ritual?

It's a routine to put in place little by little, this will allow him to get into condition and accept being separated from you for the night. Here are some little ideas:

  • Don't put him to bed too quickly
  • Respect your sleep rhythm, baby does not yet know what day and night are
  • Listen to your child
  • Give him his little musical comforter which will accompany him night and day
  • Put a little night light on it

All these little things will help him fall asleep in the best conditions while adding a bit of music.

Music for baby to sleep?

Music is essential for baby's development. Indeed, since he has been in his mother's womb, he has heard everything that is happening; including the music you listen to. Music will therefore promote falling asleep, because it will soothe him, calm him and put him in good conditions. Music or lullabies play an important role in helping your baby sleep .

But we can play all kinds of music? » So no, it is better to choose soft music rather than heady music. But do not worry ! There is a range of original and varied music and lullabies so that baby and even you can have a pleasant time listening to music.

When he is comfortably installed on his floor mat , let's go, Music Maestro! It's also your moment, since you can also sing over the music (don't get too carried away with the chorus of Someone Like Youuuuuuu though!), what better than mom or dad's voice to sing? fall asleep. Moreover, at Mellipou, there is something for everyone. Baby can fall asleep like magic thanks to his musical cushion with the Harry Potter lullaby or like a rock star with Light My Fire !

All these little tips are just as good to apply when baby has to sleep through the night as when he has to take a nap. And if baby sleeps, you will sleep too ;)!

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