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Baby music boxes: the importance of quality fabric

Musical star Oeko-tex fabric

More and more parents are paying attention to what they buy for their babies. Whether it's food or clothing, parents want what's best for their child.

Choosing a fabric suitable for baby is important, it avoids skin problems. Did you know that the fabric used for music boxes is equally important? Yes, baby gives big hugs to his musical plush toy , so it is important that it has a quality fabric, which respects his fragile little skin.

GOTS certification: the guarantee of quality organic fabric

GOTS certification is the highest certification for textiles. GOTS for Global Orgainic Textile Standard is a label which certifies that working conditions are respected, but that there is also no damage caused to the environment. There is therefore no risk to the health of people who buy the product. The aim is to define global requirements that guarantee the organic status of textiles .
Textile products must contain at least 95% certified organic fibers . Be careful not to confuse it with the label “composed of organic fibers” which only contains 70%!

This certification prohibits chemicals and environmentally toxic products in these textiles. These compounds are extremely polluting and degrade soils, water and can damage the ecosystem, because of their toxicities. This label is therefore very demanding , not everyone can obtain it. There is a responsible commitment that must be made regarding waste management, the use of water and energy, but also the treatment of wastewater.

Organic cotton is produced with a GMO-free seed and during cultivation, there are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Yes, GOTS certification means no heavy metals, no chlorine bleaches and no aromatic solvents.

ORGANIC cotton is much softer than classic cotton, it respects baby's fragile skin. You will have no redness, itching or irritation, baby's sensitive skin is preserved. ORGANIC cotton is also antiallergic . Since there are no chemicals, it's healthier for her little skin.

Our musical comforters from the BIO range are GOTS certified, as is the small bag to carry them. In addition to having a superb well-known lullaby , baby has no risk for his skin.

GOTS certification

The Oeko-tex label for controlled fabrics

The Oeko-tex label guarantees health safety and raises awareness among textile companies about responsible management of materials. Particularly on chemicals used to treat textiles.

Oeko-tex guarantees quality, especially for the little ones. Children have fragile skin, so it is important to choose products adapted to their needs. Babies put a lot of things in their mouths or like to chew on them. Oeko-tex certified products also undergo a saliva resistance check of colors and prints. This label certifies that there is no risk to health and the environment.

It ensures that there are no chemical components in the products, such as phthalate or formaldehyde, which are undesirable for babies.

At Mellipou, it is important to have an eco-responsible approach, which is why our musical plush toys , as well as our other products, are Oeko-tex certified .

Oeko-tex certification

The fabric of our original music boxes perfectly respects baby's delicate skin. He can give his stuffed animal big hugs without taking any risks.

We are also pushing our approach with products made in France and recycled filling, for greater respect for the environment!

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