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How to help your older child with their homework?

At the Mellipou editorial team, we know that children's homework is more of a chore than anything else. Even worse when you have to do those of your eldest when the baby has just been born! But despite everything, we have to do it! We are therefore going to give you the best advice for making homework help a real moment of learning and sharing without neglecting your little baby.

Determine the correct time

Often, parents' reflex is to force their child to do their homework when they have just returned from school or study. But very often, after a day full of energy , your child mainly wants to rest , eat a snack or watch a cartoon . You will save time spent in front of the notebooks if your child is well rested and concentrated because he will feel less arduous about homework. Also prioritize baby's nap times to devote yourself to your big child's duties. This will prevent you from being cut between two bottles!

Choosing the best environment for you both

To work well, you need to be in good conditions ! Concentration is unique to everyone and that is why it is important to determine where and how you and your child are best able to work peacefully. This can be in the office , in the bedroom or even in the kitchen . Observe and listen to your child, he will show you the room where he feels most comfortable to work. If you are alone, try to keep your baby in the same room as you to always watch over him. Give him a small music box or a small cuddly toy to help him fall asleep, you and your eldest will be delighted!

Give personal tips so that he understands better

"What my mother did when she helped me with homework was to give me tips related to things I liked. Often, when I had to learn a lesson or a poem by heart and a word seemed difficult for me to remember, she used references or anecdotes related to this word so that I could assimilate it easily. It was funny, playful and effective!” Mel de la Redac.

He doesn't understand the instructions?

Children always go too fast, it's well known. And often, he doesn't understand the instructions ! When this is the case, invite your little one to read it out loud slowly or read it with him if he is younger. If this is not enough, rephrase the instruction with other words. This will help him understand new words and finish the exercise faster !

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