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Our 6 tips for anticipating the postpartum

We all know that the birth of a child is a period full of changes and discoveries . Between the lack of sleep, the changing body, the freewheeling emotions and the crying of a baby who can't fall asleep: it's difficult to find time for yourself! 

Young parents, don’t panic! The Mellipou editor will help you prepare as best as possible for this postpartum period and avoid some beginner's mistakes to sleep more peacefully.

Equip yourself well!

The arrival of a baby is often synonymous with a new arrangement . Between the parents' bedroom which transforms into a real nursery, the choice of cradle and the choice of baby games/toys, it's difficult to agree with the desires of your other half! Mellipou has been able to adapt to all its trendy decorations and offer you patterns that match all possible styles! No more clashes with your darling over what color the baby blanket will be! Here are the different patterns that we offer on our musical cushions and accessories to make your baby room a real lifestyle room!

Be well informed!

It is important to be well informed about the postpartum period. Do not hesitate to ask questions to midwives , your mother friends or members of your family, because yes, many young parents feel that they are not informed enough on this subject.

Surround yourself well! 

Then, it is important to surround yourself well! Your morale will surely be put to the test and it is necessary to take a breather. For this, nothing better than hiring a small group of your most loyal friends to help you with your daily tasks. Don't hesitate to ask for help from your other half and share tasks to avoid overwork and phenomenal stress! 

Sleep, time worth gold!

Yes yes, we know what you are going to tell us, but sleep is very important , even in small quantities. Take advantage of every little quiet moment to doze off for a nap. The best thing would be to entrust your baby to a loved one so that you can sleep soundly! This is where editor Mellipou steps in like sleep superheroes!

Oeko-tex music box

We are the reference for baby and parent sleep . Our customizable music boxes allow you to put baby to sleep in record time and save a few more minutes of sleep! Music is very important in baby's development. That's why we have put together a catalog of original lullabies for you from the soundtracks of films and series like Game of Thrones or Dirty Dancing and essential music from artists like Stevie Wonder or Adèle .

Take care of your body and mind! 

During pregnancy, your body changes and affects your mind. So try to reduce the time on social networks and especially on the “post-pregnancy” pages which show you “perfect” bodies.  after childbirth. Every woman is different and has a different pregnancy experience. So you don't have to worry! 

Treat yourself to a spa ! After nine months of pregnancy, you deserved it, right? During a massage, forget about the baby's cries and diapers to refocus on yourself and enjoy this moment of relaxation .

If you want to take care of your skin without spending hundreds of dollars, apply moisturizer made from natural products or sweet almond oil to prevent stretch marks. Ban products based on retinol, benzoyl peroxide, and certain essential oils.

Spa relaxation relationship

Give yourself time!

When YOU YOU feel has end , do not forget not that YOU are A human And that he East normal of to feel all kinds of emotions . Welcome them with kindness And Do you accept In THE moments of doubt . Do not forget not that we born born not parent , but that we THE becomes . Born YOU put not too much of pressure , he East normal of born not All expertise . It is For that that it is not necessary not, hesitate has ask of ugly !

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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