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How to prepare for baby's first birthday

Your baby's first birthday is as important a day for baby as it is for you! And since baby only has one first birthday, you want to make this celebration count!

Find the right date!

You want your friends and family to be able to attend the party, so if baby's first birthday falls on a weekday, the weekend will be a good bet. Plan the party after naptime , so your little one is well-rested and less likely to be fussy. 

How many people ?

If you want a more intimate first birthday , the party can include grandparents, aunts, uncles and a few little friends from your daycare or playgroups. If you want to go all out and throw a big party , invite extended family, friends, coworkers who have kids, etc. The size of your party ultimately depends on your own preferences! Start by listing your essential guests : the people without whom you wouldn't celebrate!

Find the right place!

If you have a big enough house , hosting the party at your place might be a good option. Hosting the event at home means guests can stay longer and baby has a place to nap with their favorite swaddle blanket and pacifier clip . Additionally, baby may be more comfortable in a familiar environment . Practical, no! You will also have carte blanche regarding the decoration and that's great! If you can't organize your baby's birthday at home, book a restaurant or a children's play area . No cleaning or preparation! You will then be able to fully enjoy your evening.

Choose the right theme!

To make the baby shower even more special, consider choosing a first birthday party theme to help you plan your party. Whether you choose a particular color or an animal character , you can design everything from your birthday cake invitations , through the decorations around the theme. The good news is that there are so many themes for a successful first birthday! 

Does baby have a tiger print music box that he sleeps with every night? Try zoo animals as a birthday theme, or take inspiration from the season for an appropriate color theme, like spring pastels or winter whites . 


A menu of choice!

When planning the menu, take into account that the party will be mostly adults . For children, focus on foods and snacks like small pieces of banana and small fruit skewers so that children can eat easily. Add to that some sweets and the famous homemade chocolate cake with the baby's name that will make everyone agree. Of course, always have baby's favorite foods on hand. For adults, try the charcuterie, cheese and vegetable platters with dip. Works every time ! Without forgetting the famous champagne that you will share generously with the other guests, right? ;)

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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