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Baby astrology: the character of little Virgo

With the virgin baby, calm reigns! No screaming, no crying. In fact, it will adapt to you to please you. Virgos constantly need to feel useful and to please you, and from a very young age, they are truly altruistic ! On the other hand, it is a sign that needs its bearings, because the Virgo baby is an anxious baby, he does not like it when his daily life is disrupted by unusual events, for example when going to bed, be sure to respect his ritual by installing him with his favorite musical star and his favorite blanket . Their anxiety in the face of the unknown may make it difficult to sleep during the first months. It is not uncommon for him to wake up in the middle of the night because he has lost his bearings.

Socially, he will seem shy at first , don't hesitate to encourage him to socialize. Once he is confident, he will be delighted to communicate with you, the Virgo baby is also a great talker and despite his shy and anxious temperament, he will tend to be authoritarian and have the soul of a little leader. !

Our little Virgo is very intelligent and very curious , he observes a lot and analyzes all situations. These qualities will be very beneficial to him, he will have a rather early awakening, this is what will allow him to have a head start during games, especially card games, be careful because he will not hesitate let you unleash his best poker moves when he's older! He will also enjoy role-playing games, you can suggest that he play chef, he will be happy, he will have fun and feel useful!

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