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Baby astrology: the character of the Taurus baby

Baby bull

Do you know what month Taureans were born?

Note that you must be born between April 21 and May 20 to be a Taurus.

What is the character of a Taurus baby?

From birth, the Taurus child is very greedy ! He likes to taste everything and doesn't hesitate to ask for more! He's a real cooking fan! But be careful, when he's hungry, he becomes a real little monster and doesn't hesitate to scream to get your attention.

The Taurus baby likes to have his little rituals as well as a regular rhythm. They are the most emotionally stable babies of the zodiac . They are happy, loyal and hate injustice, from a young age! As they grow up, they do not hesitate to defend their opinions and say what they think!

Little Taurus understands very quickly and likes to learn new things. Very rational, he likes to have clear and precise answers to his questions. It's his way of understanding things. Everything in his room should be orderly and practical. He loves music , early learning games/toys and board games . The Mellipou learning arch will therefore be the ideal companion for future parents!

Regarding sleep , the Taurus baby loves to nap. But be careful, not without your blanket ! He needs to feel reassured, especially if his mom or dad doesn't take a nap with him! Do not hesitate, during pregnancy , to make him listen to a lullaby known to prepare him for sleep, once he is born. Our music boxes are customizable, with a catalog of cult lullabies taken from essential titles or original soundtracks that everyone knows. For the Taurus baby , Redac'Mellipou recommends a rather rhythmic lullaby like that of Game of Thrones or Stevie Wonder (Exclusive advice from a Taurus baby from Redac'Mellipou 😉)

At school, the Taurus child is a studious student, appreciated as much by his teacher as by his classmates. Often we hear that Taurus babies are not very energetic. That's not true! Your Taurus baby loves to have fun and is very sociable. He is a little leader who loves doing quests or being at the head of a group. He doesn't hesitate to go on adventures and discover new activities. Don't hesitate to take him out to parks, he loves being close to nature. They are innate artists! Little Taurus love manual activities , painting and music , so let their creativity flow!

What are the faults of little Taurus?

Baby Taurus is very stubborn . If he feels misunderstood or wants to do something else: he will let you know with a good whim.

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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