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Baby astrology: the character of the Leo baby

Leo baby astrology Little information about baby Lion

They were born between July 23 and August 22 . It's a fire sign like little Aries and Sagittarius. Its color is orange and its stone is Topaz.

What is the character of baby Leo?

The baby Leo is a bit like the star of the zodiac , he's a bit like the sun in your life. He knows how to keep his audience admiring him. At the same time, when we have the sun on the planet, we can only shine. Little Lion has no trouble making friends or socializing. A real little leader at heart who knows how to surround himself with others, which gives him a lot of confidence, even if sometimes he can be a little naive. A little stubborn and reckless, you will have to make him understand that there are rules to respect. It's not always him who decides! And well nannn 😅

Mini Lion wants to grow up quickly , he wants to be like mom and dad, have small responsibilities and assert himself. Give him small tasks to do, he will be proud to accomplish them. He likes to help, he has a big heart and doesn't want to hurt anyone. Getting involved is second nature, he will learn very early to share and help others.

Baby Lion loves music, he's a little artist. Don't hesitate while he's awake to put him under his customizable musical arch to stimulate him with music. The Dirty Dancing soundtrack will be perfect to give it the rhythm. Our well-known lullabies are great for babies, but also for parents.

The Baby Lion loves to receive lots of cuddles, but above all he loves to give you so much that he won't let go. He will take his made in France blanket everywhere, because he still likes to be reassured, and yes, he's still a baby.

This great competitor has the word reward ringing in his head. At school, he gets good grades, because he knows he will be complimented, very comfortable speaking, he also applies himself to writing and in sport. What an aura!

lion cub roaring

What are baby Leo's faults?

Baby Lion has a strong character , like he's a little prince, when things don't go his way, he can quickly throw a tantrum . He can also be impulsive , he can make hasty decisions without thinking about the consequences.

Parents can help their Leo child overcome these flaws by giving them clear boundaries, teaching them to think carefully before making decisions, and encouraging them to be humble and recognize the work of others.

As he loves music, his mini musical cloud can help him calm down during his little crises.

sleeping lion cub

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