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Baby astrology: the character of the Libra baby

baby balance

Everything you need to know about the Libra baby.

As soon as baby Libra is born, its charm already takes effect!

Its natural sweetness or even its adorable little face makes more than one person fall for it, but be careful not to be coaxed! The Libra baby being in his own little world, change could turn everything upside down, he needs to be encouraged and guided to move forward, be gentle, listen and accompany him in each stage of his life!

The Libra baby is a passive little being

He constantly seeks to be forgiven even when he is not at fault, in order to avoid conflict!

He will do everything to please you and will make sure not to cause you any harm, going so far as to hide his stupidities! Isn't that adorable?

The Libra baby can be discreet and shy

Initially, the little Libra can be discreet or even shy, but that doesn't make him a loner! He will feel fulfilled in a world filled with love and gentleness. His humor and his sense of sociality make him a person who likes to be surrounded , making friends at daycare or kindergarten is no secret for him, just like being pampered by his aunts and uncles!

Maintaining a social connection is essential for one's personal well-being, just like seeing others happy!
Concerning education, he feels the need to communicate. He is a very intelligent baby, it is also important to show that we are paying him attention by talking to him, telling him stories or even through games. The Libra baby loves playing games from a very young age. He will always need your support. However, he is very distracted and prefers to have fun in playgrounds or doing sports activities, which allows him to let go and learn to identify what he likes.

How to put a Libra baby to sleep?

Our baby Libra being an indecisive being, he likes to take time to choose what he prefers in terms of well-known lullabies or a musical and luminous night light , he won't know where to turn with Mellipou! A rather complicated choice for him! But when it comes to sleep, as it has an imaginative side, editor Mellipou recommends the Lykkle musical cloud to put Baby Libra to sleep from birth. Then around 3-4 months when he begins to wake up but he still remains lying down, the wooden Awakening Arch which is also considered a wooden portico can also rock him during the day! And yes, because on this original learning arch , we have integrated a musical plush to hang which is customizable.

As for the well-known lullaby we recommend for this little Libra baby that of Stevie Wonder: I just called to say I love you , it is quite important to remind him that he himself is a sentimental person surrounded by the love of those close to him! ❤️

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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