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At what age does baby sleep through the night?

sleeping baby

Baby's sleep is a big concern among young parents. On average, the first year, young parents only sleep 4 hours 40 minutes per night. Yes, baby is not on the same sleep cycle as you. Obviously each child is different, some sleep through the night straight away, for others it's more complicated, you sometimes have to be patient.

Infants are very heavy sleepers, much more than adults, they can sleep on average 16 hours a day . Some people can sleep for 2 p.m., others until 8 p.m. , don't worry, it's completely normal. He needs a lot of rest, it is beneficial for his brain development.

Baby is not yet settled, because his brain does not yet really know the difference between day and night. He also cannot store large reserves of food, so he needs to be fed regularly. In addition to hunger, he also has to manage his emotions, such as minor anxieties and discomfort.

Baby's sleep cycle: a different cycle

Baby's sleep is organized in a cycle. In the baby cycle, there are two phases, slow-wave sleep and REM sleep.

  • Slow wave sleep is where brain activity decreases, sleep is more or less deep.
  • REM sleep or restless sleep is where babies dream a lot. They sometimes have small movements that could make you think they are awake. This phase represents 50 to 60% of the baby's cycle . These cycles occur 4 to 6 times per night.

A baby's cycle is very different from that of an adult. An adult can sleep up to 90 minutes per cycle , compared to 50 minutes for a newborn . Don't worry, the cycle evolves with the child's age.

Yes, baby was snuggled warm in your belly, he didn't need to ask for food. The first months, you will have to be patient and let him adapt to his new environment and his new schedules, which are unpredictable from time to time.

What is the average age for baby nights?

We told you, every baby is different, there are heavy sleepers and others who have a little more difficulty finding their cycle. Once baby needs to eat less, he will start sleeping longer. Some begin this phase around 4-5 months, others around 6-8 months . As soon as baby has gained enough weight, generally 5-6 kg , then his nights are longer, but so are yours.

As your baby's brain grows, it begins to be able to distinguish day and night. To help him settle into a regular sleep cycle more easily, you need to get him used to his naps during the day.
For example , leave daylight and the door open , so that he gets used to the light or noises. And for his nighttime awakenings, it's the opposite, avoid turning on the light to give him something to eat. You need to use very low light and then recoat it quickly.

Be careful, you can let him fall asleep in your arms, but also offer him sleep in his little bed, it's very important so that he gets used to it. Putting on a blanket , with your scent, can reassure him and soothe him during his sleep phase.

What can also help baby sleep well is having a sleep ritual. A little original lullaby before bed is magical! As your baby grows, he will get used to going to bed more easily. A music box that hangs anywhere or stays within reach, like our mini musical cloud , is very practical. A musical star and a known lullaby , truly the best.

baby sleeping with his musical star

How to help baby follow sleep cycles?

Does your baby not follow sleep cycles during the day? Here are some little tips.

  • Use white noise: this reminds baby of the sound in utero, which allows him to be reassured and to fall asleep quickly.
  • Relaxation techniques can also relax him. Hold your baby close to you and take deep breaths while remaining calm, he will synchronize with your breathing and relax.
  • Putting your baby to bed at a set time helps establish a certain routine and also helps him find his sleep rhythm.
  • Maintain a slight light in his room. It is important for babies to understand that they do not experience day and night in the same way. So, during his naps, he should not be in total darkness. For example, we recommend a small night light to help him fall asleep gently."

To conclude on baby's sleep

Baby's first years can be complicated for young parents. We live at the same pace as the baby, so you have to get used to it at first. At first, night and day are the same for this little one. You have to wait until he has gained weight and his brain develops a little before you can really sleep. Once this is over, baby will have sweet dreams and so will you! He will be able to fully sleep alone, because he will have more confidence in his environment. Putting your scent on his musical stuffed animal can help him sleep better.

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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