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5 tips to prepare well for the arrival of your baby!

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The arrival of a baby is an important milestone in the lives of young parents. You have to prepare it well, in order to welcome the baby in the best conditions. Even if you've already had a child, every pregnancy is different. So here are 5 tips to prepare you as best as possible.

Prepare the clothes

When it comes to clothes, we advise you not to buy too much. Quite simply because baby grows super fast. You'll end up with more than you need.

For his first days, baby stays in pajamas. It is a garment that does not overly fit the stomach, so as not to have compression on the umbilical cord. The bodysuit is essential for newborns, it is worn day and night. 100% cotton is the ideal material for baby's fragile skin.

Another essential is slippers . Yes, if you don't want your baby to be cold, you have to protect their little feet.

Prepare the room

Preparing for the arrival of your baby also means preparing a superb bedroom to welcome your little one. The crib should be preferred for the baby's safety during the first months. A firm mattress is recommended so that it does not sink into it. The chest of drawers, to store your belongings and don't forget the very practical baby monitor to monitor baby.

Choose cotton for all your belongings, clothes, but also sheets. More and more parents are choosing organic for their child, because there is no risk linked to fragile skin. Organic cotton does not cause itching, irritation, or any other skin-related hazards.

To help baby fall asleep more easily, choose musical night lights or music boxes . He will return to the land of dreams as peacefully as possible.

Customizable musical star made in France

Prepare the maternity bag

We know that it's super stressful to prepare the maternity bag, especially when it's the first child. This is why it is generally recommended to prepare it a month in advance, in order to limit the stress of young parents.
No need to overload yourself when needed, your partner or friends can always give you what you're missing. You can take your diaper bag, very practical for carrying your essentials, but also your baby's blanket . Being fashionable in maternity is possible.

What you need for your baby at birth is:

  • 1 bodysuit
  • 1 pajamas
  • 1 hat
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 pair of mittens to prevent scratching
  • The blanket blanket with your scent which reassures him

During the stay in the maternity ward:

  • 1 bodysuit per day + 2 bonuses
  • 1 pajamas per day + 2 bonuses
  • Layers
  • 2 bibs if needed
  • 2 pairs of socks

In terms of comfort, you can also bring your nursing pillow made in France which will relieve you before and after pregnancy.

maternity suitcase

Prepare baby's blanket

The comforter is very important for baby, the comforter takes in the smells of mom and dad. It helps relax baby when he feels stressed.
The musical comforter can also help baby relax. The lullaby helps him relax. If it's music you listened to during your pregnancy, your baby will remember it.

Our musical stuffed animals are perfect as a birth gift . They combine the plush toy and a well-known and modern lullaby , such as Adèle, La Boum or even Harry Potter... And what's more, they can be personalized with the first name , something to spoil baby before his arrival.

The cuddly toy is baby's best friend, he will take it with him on all his outings, luckily there is Velcro on the music box , so he can hang it anywhere.😉

Getting ready to meet baby

OK, everything is ready. You will see your little one show up. Preparing for the physical arrival of your baby is one thing, but you also have to mentally prepare yourself to welcome him into your life.
There are childbirth preparation classes, I advise you to take part in them, it often helps young parents to better anticipate the baby's arrival. They allow you to create links, find solutions and advice as needed.

Don't hesitate to do activities that reduce anxiety and daily stress, such as yoga, breathing exercises or relaxation techniques .
Surround yourself with your family or friends. They can help you manage stress better.

Sleeping baby Mellipou

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