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Everything you need to know about our musical plush toys

Baby sleep

Why buy/gift a musical plush toy for children?

Our musical plush toy is an original birth gift that will impress parents! Our well-known lullabies are original and chosen to pamper the ears of adults. Even if we offer modern melodies they are no less sweet to listen to .
More and more parents are adding a musical plush toy to their birth list, it's a very practical gift to put their child to sleep and 100% soporific ! According to a study, the baby music box is parents' favorite gift. So make a difference by choosing a customizable and rocking lullaby !

Why rock the child with a baby musical soft toy?

Its primary function is to soothe, lull and rock baby but also to awaken their senses. Our soft toys reassure children when they sleep in their crib. It can also calm them outside of sleeping times, for example when changing their diapers or warming their bottles, the musical comforter calms and reassures.

Our musical stuffed animals are also educational toys, during the day baby can play with the ribbons on the cuddly toy. And as the mechanism of the music box is waterproof, baby can even take it into the bath. 😀 #jadoremaboiteamusique

How to decorate baby's room with a musical plush toy?

Did you know that decorating the baby's room is one of the main concerns of future parents in the last months before the baby's arrival?

Preparing the room for the future little rabbit is quite an organization, where are we going to put the cradle? The changing table? What colors will we choose for the walls of the baby's room?...

Once all this has been validated, all you have to do is choose one of our baby musical soft toys which are also room decoration accessories thanks to their modern cloud or star shapes but also their soft and mixed colors. Yes because the prints on our music boxes are gender neutral, therefore mixed.

Please note that our musical cushions can hang on the bars of the baby bed , hang above the changing table or simply be placed in the cradle . And for globetrotting parents, our minibams are also made to travel and hang on to the travel cot for example.

Baby room decoration

How do we make musical stuffed animals?

All our musical comforters, stuffed animals and musical night lights are made in our Parisian workshop in the 19th arrondissement.
Quality is our priority, which is why our manufacturing is exclusively French. 🇫🇷 The raw materials are carefully selected and come mainly from France and if we do not find anything we extend the search area to the EU.
No more rag dolls with "has-been" melodies, make way for modernity with musical cuddly toys that play sweet lullabies known to awaken babies.

How to wash / clean a musical plush toy?

All our comforters are machine washable at 30°C or by hand. Yes yes, the mechanism is waterproof.
In the washing machine, we recommend washing your musical plush toy with other clothes, blankets or swaddles of similar colors. The music box is waterproof , you can wash it as often as your baby's blanket !

How long is the melody of a musical comforter?

On average, the lullabies of our musical stuffed animals last 2'15 minutes . For safety reasons linked to the CE Standard , the music box cord cannot be longer. But we can guarantee that it won't take longer for baby to be able to have sweet dreams! The proof in pictures 😁

Baby lullaby

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