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How does the music box work?

Customizable Oeko-tex musical plush toy

There are two types of mechanism for a music box, cylindrical and spring-loaded. At Mellipou, we use the spring music box for our well-known lullabies . You will become a music box expert with this article, it will no longer hold any secrets for you.

How does a cylinder music box work?

Cylinder music boxes operate by using a cylinder mechanism to operate stringed instruments. They use a perforated paper cylinder , which is wrapped around a spindle and is operated using a key or crank. The cylinder has holes that correspond to levers and hammers operating the stringed instruments.

By rotating the cylinder, the levers and hammers operate the corresponding stringed instruments, producing melodious sounds. This allows more complex and longer melodies to be played than spring music boxes. Cylinder music boxes are often considered more precise, because the duration of the melody is longer.

Cylinder music box

How does the spring music box work?

Spring-loaded music boxes, also called mechanical music boxes , operate using a spring mechanism that is tensioned when the music box is wound using a key or string . The spring powers a motor that activates a barrel that has teeth that contact the pins (these are the little points on the cylinder).

The tines vibrate the notes , producing melodious sounds. The barrel is programmed to play a specific melody by rotating the prongs on the corresponding pins which is determined by the melody.

Spring music boxes are generally simpler and cheaper than cylinder music boxes, and can play shorter, simpler melodies like Game of Thrones, Adèle, Dirty Dancing ...

Music box mechanism

How is a cloud musical plush toy, Mellipou star made?

All our music boxes are made the same way. We manufacture our musical plush toys to order to avoid overproduction of our products, because we follow an eco-responsible approach .

We manufacture in France in our Parisian workshop and we make it a point of honor to use quality materials. The cotton is Oeko-tex certified for all our musical cushions and the organic range is made from GOTS fabric.

The interior of our music boxes has a regenerated polyester filling (fibers from recycled plastic bottles). The mechanism of our musical plush toys is spring loaded in a waterproof box, you will have no problem putting the cuddly toy in the washing machine .

We also offer personalization with baby's first name , without additional delays. Our well-known lullabies are a pleasure for the ears of babies and parents. 😉

Regenerated polyester filling

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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