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Why is the swaddle blanket a great comfort blanket?

Mixed and customizable swaddle blanket

What is the blanket blanket?

Originally, the swaddle was used as a washable diaper. We needed a material that was pleasant, not irritable for baby's skin and with small dimensions.
It was a must-have for all mothers and it is back in fashion in many different forms: ready-to-wear, blankets, towels and especially in the form of a baby comforter!

What are the advantages of the blanket blanket?

It is essential for babies, its perfect size allows you to carry your cotton gauze blanket everywhere without taking up too much space. It is discreet and fits perfectly in our diaper bag for example. Its light fabric allows baby to grip it easily, it dries very easily and can therefore be returned to baby quickly. Its material is resistant to high temperatures, but also to baby's sometimes slightly sudden movements.

The choice of cuddly toy is very important and the cuddly toy meets all the conditions. A natural, strong, light and very soft fabric. Its touch offers a pleasant sensation for baby, it also respects the fragility of your child's skin, because it is hypoallergenic.

Its flat shape encourages grip in infants, the texture of the fabric allows sensory exploration and the little Mellipou cloud provides a contrast in the material which will excite baby.
Continuing on baby's senses, smells are important to him. They reassure and soothe him, the material of the blanket naturally allows odors to be impregnated, especially those of parents, which is so important for our dear little ones!

At Mellipou our blankets are handmade in our Parisian workshop . Yes, it's Made in France 🇫🇷 and our materials are Oeko-Tex .

Mixed and customizable swaddle blanket

Parents and first child

The excitement of meeting this long-awaited little being mixes with the anxiety of the unknown that awaits you. But know that you are not alone on this journey.

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