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Trendy cradles for a successful baby room

Are you looking for a crib for your baby? You are in the right place ! We will give you the best ideas to make your bedroom a cocooning space for the arrival of your baby. 

The baby cradle is an essential tool when you become a parent! It provides a lot of comfort and safety for newborns who love to run around everywhere! In his cradle, baby does not risk slipping or falling.

Sleep is the most important phase for your baby because it allows him to develop properly. This is why it is important to choose a good crib! 

The baby cradle has a super practical side and will be your ally during the first weeks after giving birth. We know it well, parents' sleep is not really there! However, simply place the cradle near your bed and you will be able to watch over your child without getting up! 

Which crib should I choose for my baby? 

The safety of your baby must remain more important than the aesthetic appearance of your crib. It must absolutely bear the notice “Complies with safety requirements” and meet the standards in force NF EN 1130 which stipulate that:

  • the cradle will have a flat and rigid bottom;
  • the legs of the cradle will be solid and sufficiently spaced;
  • the spacing of the bars of the wooden cradle must be less than 7 cm;
  • the casters must be equipped with brakes to lock the bed when the baby is inside;
  • the minimum depth of the cradle will be 20 cm: the more the child grows, the greater the depth will be in order to avoid accidents when the baby is sitting up, for example.

What type of mattress to choose for the crib? 

Choosing the right mattress is essential because your baby will spend the majority of his time in his crib. This is why the quality of your mattress must be impeccable! The mattress must exactly match the size of the crib so as to leave no gaps between the walls and the mattress. 

Choose mattresses made from natural materials to respect your baby's health. The ideal thickness of the cradle mattress is between 10 and 15 cm. In terms of density, we recommend a medium-firm mattress with a density of 20 or 22 kg/m3. 

What are the different types of cribs?

Classic, scalable & modular cradles, rocking, co-sleeping, or even rattan. Difficult to find your way!

Classic cradles

Classic baby cradles are the most practical. Often made with casters, you can easily move them from one room to another to always have your baby close to you. Others without wheels are also practical thanks to their light weight. You can hang all kinds of games and early learning toys on the bars of the baby bed, such as a musical mobile or original cloud-shaped music boxes from our brand and between us many parents love our products for the very practical side. Sleep is so important, especially for parents, isn't it? 😅

Scalable and modular cradles

The evolving or modular cradle can be dismantled to become a baby bed. It's quite practical because it saves parents from having to buy a bed when the crib no longer suits their beloved baby! Simply remove the bars of the cradle and your baby will be able to sleep like a grown-up! Don't forget to protect the area around the bed because in the first weeks, baby will tend to jump everywhere. He will need a little time to adjust to his new bed!

The co-sleeping cradle

Designer Mellipou’s favorite! As its name suggests, the co-sleeping cradle allows you to share the parental bed with your baby. This cradle attaches with straps or straps and contains a removable side wall so that mothers can directly breastfeed their baby without having to get up. The height of the co-sleeping cradle is adjustable to several positions to adapt to your bed.

"The co-sleeping bed is a favorite for me! It is super practical and allows you to be as close as possible to your little one! It is super reassuring for parents because you can really monitor your baby's nights without worrying. move, especially if your other half is asleep 😅. It allows you to have a real connection with your child. He hears our breathing and we hear his. We can caress him, kiss him without moving from his bed. It's great !"

Marie Mellipou

The rattan cradle

The editor's favorite ❤️! The trendy, eco-responsible and super original cradle. Rattan has experienced a “come-back” in recent years and is riding the wave of natural products. It has once again become a must-have in decoration! If you want an original crib, go for it! However, make sure your rattan cradle meets safety standards and requirements.

"If I had to choose a cradle, it would be the rattan cradle! It is so trendy and goes with all possible decorations. The wood side and the beauty of the details are perfect elements for a soft bedroom. If you want to make “lifestyle” photos, it’s the perfect cradle!”

Amel Mellipou

our selection 

After a long debate within the Mellipou's team, we have put together a ranking of the best baby cradles.

In first position comes the co-sleeping cradle. Its practical side and the security it offers totally enchanted us. Let's not forget the closeness with baby which is just magical! You can sleep peacefully holding your baby's hand and reassuring him of your presence! For Mellipou, it is the cradle par excellence!

In second place comes the one and only, rattan cradle. Without a doubt, the rattan cradle beats all records in terms of design, and we love it! We love it so much that we have one in the showroom! You can hang your Minibam music boxes on it and let the sweet melody rock baby all night long!

The choice was very hard, but we decided to put the modular cradle in third place. Its practical and economical side is very advantageous for parents who prefer recycling! And we thank them! Although it is in third place, the modular crib is still a very good crib. You can find a multitude of models that will satisfy your desires!

Also come and discover our organic music boxes that hang everywhere!

Parents and first child

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