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How to take care of your stuffed animals

Soft toys are much more than just toys. They are often faithful companions from childhood. We generally see small moments of sharing between the child and his little companion, these are above all memories that last a lifetime. Taking care of your stuffed animals means preserving these memories and allowing them to pass from one generation to the next.

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Washing stuffed animals: an essential ritual

Washing stuffed animals is an important step in maintaining their freshness and cleanliness. However, this must be done carefully to avoid damaging materials or losing valuable details. Here are some washing tips:

- Check the label : Yes, the simplest, but sometimes forgotten, always check the soft toy care labels for specific washing instructions. At Mellipou everything is indicated and very often, you can wash your musical plush toy at 30°C.

- Use a wash bag : Put the plush toy in a wash bag to protect it during the wash cycle and add clothes of the same color.

- Delicate wash : Opt for a delicate wash cycle with cold water or 30°C for a Mellipou.

- Air Dry : Avoid tumble drying, as heat can damage the plush. Always prefer to dry in the open air 😅

Conservation: preserving the sweetness of time

Once your stuffed animals are clean and fresh, it's time to store them properly. Here's how to do it:

- Avoid direct sunlight : Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the beautiful colors of its plush.

- Avoid humidity : Soft toys can become moldy if exposed to excessive humidity. Make sure to keep them in a dry place. Little tip: use a vacuum storage bag, it’s super practical! We love it ❤️

- Safety first : If you plan to pass down your stuffed animals to the next generation, make sure they meet all current safety standards, especially regarding eyes and detachable parts.

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Transmission to create links

Passing down a stuffed animal from generation to generation is a special tradition that creates strong bonds between family members. Here's how to make this transmission a meaningful moment:

- Share stories : When you pass on a stuffed toy, share stories related to this stuffed toy, memories from your own childhood or funny anecdotes about it... At Mellipou, we saw stuffed animals pass by that had lived 😅!

- Create a ritual : Establish a special handing-down ritual, such as a handover ceremony, to make the event even more memorable. Like the handing over of the big brother to his little sister as a welcome to the family.

- Encourage continuity : Encourage children to take care of the stuffed toy, that's also what educating your child is!

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Taking care of your stuffed animals means preserving treasures of softness and memories. With proper care and thoughtful gestures, you can ensure your stuffed animals remain intact and bring joy across generations.
Afterwards, we know that passing on your Mellipou soft toy is very complicated, because little ones and especially adults love them so much. 😉

Kisses kisses ❤️

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