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Known lullabies: the best for putting baby to sleep!

Customizable and mixed music cloud

What original lullaby to put baby to sleep?

It's well known that lullabies and nursery rhymes are excellent for putting babies to sleep! It helps soothe him and introduce him to the world of music to make him a true music lover. Integrating this musical ritual for a gentle bedtime calms and relaxes him, especially during pregnancy. You can already get him used to certain melodies or your voice: once born, baby will recognize these sounds.

Don't hesitate to sing along, baby will appreciate the sound of your voice. Don't worry, even if you don't have Adèle's voice, he won't judge you. Hearing you reassures him!

Please note that there is no good or bad music to listen to your baby, we simply recommend a soft and preferably repetitive lullaby like our customizable music boxes .

Discover in this article the lullabies known to put babies to sleep, the classics through pop-rock lullabies , but also those for the most cinema or series buffs ! There is something for every taste.

Classic lullabies

I think you know all the classic lullabies, they cross generations. The symphonies of Beethoven, Bach and even Mozart and Brahms have largely done their job for years.

Lullabies are known to relax babies and begin their musical learning. Know that the child's development also involves initiation to music and from the mother's womb 😀

Classic lullabies are soft and soothe baby, but hey, it remains seen and seen again, that's why at Mellipou, we save you with our customizable and Made in France activity arches .

Pop, Rock lullabies

Rock and pop lullaby

Can we put baby to sleep with pop, rock or modern lullabies ? Well, yes, it is possible!!! We all have a song or just a melody that has left its mark on us and that remains in the back of our minds... What a joy to be able to share it with our children!!

In any case, at Mellipou, it is part of our DNA with our original and modern lullabies .

The most important thing in choosing your modern and rock lullaby is that you like the music! If you love Stevie Wonder or The Doors , your baby will love it too. Music creates a bond between you and your child during pregnancy. Baby will feel it in your belly.

No more classic lullabies , introduce your baby to your favorite singer, he or she will appreciate the gentle rhythm with the modern side of the song, such as the Adèle lullaby present in our customizable musical cushions . Having a regular rhythm as well as soft music helps your baby develop his musical ear without disturbing the parents' ears 🤣 #thankyoumellipou !

Lullabies for movie and series buffs

Lullaby movie and series

At Mellipou, movie and series buffs are not left out, quite the contrary! Game of Thrones is one of our most popular lullabies that parents love: it is very sweet, original and we completely forget about the adult series (fortunately 🤪).

In a known lullaby , we we also offer you that of Harry Potter ! If you haven't received your letter for Hogwarts, you can relive the saga with your baby and let the magic happen. This melody will be able to put baby to sleep like magic #vousavezlaref . Sometimes we wonder who the lullaby is ultimately for!

What if we told you that the music from the film Dirty Dancing “The Time of my life” was one of our modern lullabies! Don’t shout 🙉!! Yes, for fans of the film (watched more than 10 times) this is great news. Come on, let's warm up, left, right, shoulders, neck and hop a little lift like in the film! In terms of known lullabies , everyone agrees! 😀

We don't leave baby in a corner either, we rock him!

Quick question: like us, were you dreaming of Sophie Marceau in La Boum ? Don't pretend, we know! This is another very popular melody #year80. The “Reality” boom, the title that made us travel, dance in the background of walkmans, mopeds and rotary phones… even the 2000 generation loves it. The idea of ​​releasing this song as a lullaby La Boum was obvious and the result is great!

To conclude, at Mellipou, above all, we please parents. The known melodies that we offer are all new. Sharing a moment with baby and teaching him the basics of music is the role of parents. It's harder...

Don't forget the virtues of music for babies. When you play a melody to your baby, it helps soothe him, but it also becomes a sleep ritual . Listening to a modern tune during pregnancy is highly recommended, because in addition to relaxing baby, it allows him to become familiar with it. So if you want to share the melody of your film or series with your baby, don't hesitate!

Honestly, an original and super cool lullaby , all in a very pretty musical comforter . We understand that sometimes children don't even have time to take off their shoes, the lullaby has such an effect 😁!

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