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The benefits of music during and after pregnancy

What music for baby in the belly

What is our opinion on music during pregnancy?

We have often told you about the benefits of music during pregnancy and the baby's awakening. But do you know everything? Editor Mellipou, as a sleep expert , will reveal to you all the secrets of music and its power!

Music stimulates and awakens baby during pregnancy . Her mission is to develop it through melodies and repetitive rhythms . It is therefore a form of language for the fetus , a language which naturally soothes it. It also contributes to the development of baby's intellectual faculties .

It is from nine weeks of pregnancy that the embryo perceives the vibrations of the music , through the bones of the skull and reacts to them by moving, stretching, or even falling asleep!

The proof ! One of our Mellipou customers sent us an exclusive short video to show you the effect of the lullaby on her baby! Click on the image to discover how baby reacts to music ☞

What music should you listen to when you are pregnant?

During pregnancy , classical music is ideal for the child. It is possible to develop baby's “ear”, because these are simple repetitive sounds, which newborns really like. Studies have shown that melodies are the most stimulating for the fetus and that Baby remembers the sounds he heard during pregnancy. That's why mom's voice is totally familiar to him!

What we advise our young mothers is to place our Mellipou music boxes near their stomach every day, to play the future lullaby to their baby before giving birth. This will allow baby to become familiar with the melody and to be more receptive to it once born!

You can also choose to play music that you love, that makes you nostalgic , or that brings to mind personal memories . This type of music helps develop baby's memory.

" When I was little, my father listened to Bob Marley almost every day. He was such a fan that he even took a picture of me with a Bob Marley vinyl record when I was 2 years old! And despite my very At a young age, I learned the words of these songs and especially those of "Three Little Birds" which had returned in one of my favorite cartoons "The Shark Gang". So the memories are still intact! Mel de Mellipou

What music for baby in the belly?

During pregnancy , we all know that fatigue and stress become our best friends/enemies, despite ourselves, and all these tensions are transmitted directly to the baby. Music is the best way for mom to relax! Both of your heart rates will be slower, which helps make mom and more zen baby! As a bonus, singing helps you prepare for childbirth, by developing your respiratory capabilities and oxygenating the uterus. We call it “ prenatal singing ”. The impact of this method is such that childbirth can be reduced by 4 hours. The mother is less stressed, because the pain is slightly better controlled and the opening of the cervix is ​​accelerated.

In summary, life in music is much more beautiful, especially when you are pregnant! Nine months to have fun because you have every excuse on earth to impose your choices ♥️. At Mellipou the music is always in the background, whether the sound comes from our music boxes or our super itbam baby speaker (our music box connected via Bluetooth) which plays all our favorite tracks and even the radio!

What is the maximum recommended volume for a baby?

It is important to consider babies' hearing sensitivity and not expose their hearing to excessive noise levels. Babies have higher hearing sensitivity than adults and may be more sensitive to loud, high-pitched sounds. It is therefore advisable to keep the music volume at a moderate level. Monitor the child's reaction and adjust the volume accordingly.

To finish on the subject of the benefits of music on pregnancy , editor Mellipou recommends the melodies of our music boxes for you and your little one to come, because they are gentle for your baby.

Trust us ! We have already proven to you that we are the superheroes of sleep 😉

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