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Baby astrology: the character of little Scorpio

Attention baby full of energy, but full of love! 

This little devil is inventive and passionate , a real ray of sunshine. Admit it, whenever he's not here, you miss him.

Powerful will be your favorite word with a Scorpio baby. As for nonsense, he will go all the way while looking you straight in the eye! But how can you blame him when he devours you with his eyes full of love. Although he does not reveal his feelings easily, when a Scorpio baby loves, it is intensely and passionately.

You will have to give him long hours, but above all your full attention, because Scorpio babies are very jealous. Let's avoid their anger!

Sometimes he will play with your nerves! He'll ask you for a book, then the next minute, another toy . Don't panic, it tests your limits. It's up to you to set certain rules from the start.

The Scorpio baby is very attentive to the world around him. He understands everything, anticipates and progresses at high speed. We must therefore satisfy him by introducing him to new things. 

The Scorpio baby is very possessive, he demands the exclusive attention of his mother. Often, dads have trouble finding their place when a Scorpio baby arrives. But do not panic ! he will love his mom as much as his dad! 

If his first word is “no” , it’s not just because he’s a Scorpio ! Uh oh, they're not that little imps! The Scorpio baby is whole. Behind this stubborn little being hides a big heart.

Your Scorpio baby definitely needs to be stimulated: children's songs are excellent for promoting his verbal expression, and music fascinates him. A music box will then be the ideal gift for this young observer.

When it comes to sleep, Baby Scorpio needs a signature song that stands out from the crowd to lull him to sleep! So, for this little Scorpio who will be the star of the family, we recommend the Musical Star with a pretty Jackson printed fabric ! The Game Of Thrones lullaby will be perfect for this intuitive and determined baby, like our favorite Scorpio Cersei Lannister.

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