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Baby astrology: the character of the Cancer baby

Baby Cancer astrology Little facts about the Cancer baby

They were born between June 22 and July 22. It's a water sign, like Pisces and Scorpio. Its color is white and its stone is Howlite.

What is the character of the Cancer baby?

The Cancer baby is very emotional. He can go from laughing to crying in an instant. He's a big sleeper, it's probably the best time for him, having sweet dreams with his musical cloud , that's perfect.

He is a very calm child, who analyzes the world around him a lot, his kindness is a great comfort to everyone.

Little Cancer loves hugs and kisses. He loves you and he shows it to you every day. Like these other comrades, the water signs, they are very sensitive. He will seek protection in your arms if he does not feel well. He needs constant reassurance.

Baby Cancer is very close with mom. He will tend to change his mood if mom is worried. He will do anything to try to make her smile again. When going to bed, he likes to have his little lullaby like Someone like you by Adèle , which soothes and relaxes him.

The Cancer baby has an excellent memory , a great imagination and an intuitive intelligence, for what pleases him most. It's like school, he does well in what he likes to do, like literary subjects.

You have to be careful with the tone you use with your Cancer baby, he can easily become angry if you are too harsh with him. Take the time to calmly explain to him his stupidity or the situation in which he finds himself.

Little Cancer is very close with mom, he is not the most independent of the zodiac. You must help him gain independence by stimulating him. Meet him with people to encourage him to explore the world without you. Once he gains confidence, you won't have to worry. Gradually, teach him to do things on his own, your encouragement will help him a lot.

Little Cancer doesn't have to wait to get to sleep, he really needs a sleep ritual. Our musical soft toys are perfect for this little one, a big hug for mom and dad, but also for a cuddly toy and in bed. If he still wants more, it's up to you to make him understand that it's bedtime.

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