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Game of Thrones, the reference for baby names 2022

If there's one name that's been talked about in recent years, it's Arya ! Iconic character from Game Of Thrones , Arya became a very common first name after the release of the hit series! And at Mellipou, Arya, we come across quite a few!

A little bit of history is in order! The first name Arya comes from India (far from Westeros!). It means "noble" and "honored" in Sanskrit , the language of Hindu and Buddhist religious texts. The first name arrived in the West after the release of the cult series Game Of Thrones. It is a first name which, in 2012, was chosen for only 24 babies compared to 574 in 2019. A progression which can undoubtedly be explained by the success of the series.

At Mellipou, we meet a lot of Arya! This pretty first name is often personalized on our music boxes and parents, loyal to the series, choose the Game of Thrones lullaby . Funny coincidence, no! Redac'Mellipou therefore interviewed one of our clients who chose to call her little daughter Arya. 

La Redac: “Why did you decide to name your daughter Arya? » 

Roxane: " Initially, my husband and I decided to name our little girl Lena. But it was a fairly common name and we wanted to choose one that was original. One evening, we were sitting on the sofa, and I remember we were watching season 6 of Game Of Thrones and came the episode that marked everyone, the episode where Arya takes revenge on Walder Frey. We were both shocked during this scene because, initially , we see Walder Frey and one of his women talking calmly and suddenly we realize that it is Arya hidden under a mask and that she is carrying out her revenge. Thomas had let out a cry and I remember exactly this sentence he said "It's not possible! This little girl is too strong! We should name our daughter Arya". We looked at each other for a long time and burst out laughing. In the end, I really liked it the idea and we weren't wrong! Our daughter is an intrepid little brunette!"

La Redac: “You seem to be undeniable fans of the series! »

Roxane: “Oh yes! Very big fans! That's why when we saw that you were making music boxes with the Game Of Thrones theme music, we fell in love! When we chose the color of the music box, we fell for terracotta because it reminded us of the color of our favorite Dragon: Drogon! Another reference to Game Of Thrones! 

Written with an I or a Y, the first name Arya continues to please parents! So, if you want to name your baby with GOT names, the editor'Mellipou has put together a small list of original baby names, inspired straight from the cult series:

Daughter : Arya, Sansa, Yara, Lyanna, Olenna, Ellaria, Shae, Khaleesi, Shireen

Boys: Bran, Jory, Theon, Aerys, Khal, Rennick, Benjen

Spoiler alert: For undeniable fans of the series, know that the spin-off “House of the Dragon” will be released in August 2022! This will be the perfect time to discover new characters and potential future baby names!


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