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At what age does baby play with his activity arch?

Beech wood learning arch

You certainly already have a lot of learning toys for your baby since birth and the learning arch is an essential for baby. You should know that since birth, babies wake up to sounds, noises, colors and react according to what surrounds them.

When to start stimulating baby?

From 3-4 months, when baby begins to explore his environment with his little fingers, the learning arch is a wonderful area for development.

Lying on his back, he will be able to grab the toys suspended above him and discover different sounds and melodies. We also recommend wooden play arches rather than plastic arches, because wood is a natural, noble material without endocrine disruptors . We all want the best for baby, don't we!

And around the age of three or four months, depending on baby's size and motor skills, you can put him under an activity arch .

So from four months and until around nine months or ten months of baby (always depending on your child's motor skills), the activity arch will be his best playmate. And yes, play often with it. the same toys reassure and awaken them!

How to choose your awakening arch?

What is important is the choice of textures and colors of your activity arch to see how baby reacts. Don't hesitate to show it and play with your child. He will then be able to play with the suspended mobiles, touch them, squeeze them or observe them at his ease.

The ideal is to have an activity arch made in France with the Oeko-tex Standard: European standard on the quality of fabrics conforming to the standard for babies. In fact, baby will be able to drool and lick the fabric without any problem.

At Mellipou, we only offer play arches made from beech wood for the unrivaled quality of this wood, its robustness and its antibacterial properties.

But also the accessories or mobiles suspended from our activity arches are a wonderful development area for baby. Original, the early learning accessories are made up of soft fabrics, rustling ribbons, pouët-pouët and also a musical cushion that you can reposition wherever you want. Very practical when you go for a walk and he has difficulty falling asleep in the stroller or at a friend's house. Come on, pull the music box and that's it.

What type of play mat to choose?

To place under a wooden play arch, we recommend choosing a well-padded floor mat ! And when we talk about fleece, you have to look at the quality of the fleece, choose a weight of more than 500 g so that baby is insulated from the cold of the ground and that it is very comfortable when he squirms!

The little extra from Mellipou: the repositionable and customizable music box; you choose your lullaby and the baby's first name to write on it.

There are all kinds of baby play mats with toys. Prefer fairly padded Oeko-tex fabric rugs made in France which are easily machine washable. We also offer a play mat to match our arches to insulate baby from the cold of the floor which sometimes, winter and summer, is always cold. But also, Oeko-tex, Made in France and machine washable! What better !

Where to place the baby's activity arch?

Most parents place the activity arch in the living room to keep an eye on baby while doing other things. Like " we don't leave baby in a corner" , it is important to reassure him with your presence and to create a bond with your little one. Siblings can also participate in baby's development and have fun with him. From time to time, older children also like to play with the arch.

If you are lucky enough to have a games room, even better! Baby likes the idea of ​​having lots of familiar toys around him. But make sure to always keep an eye on him 😉

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