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5 reasons to fall for a musical soft toy for babies!

Customizable music box

  • First reason: The comforter is comforting!

And yes, the first reason is very simple, the soft toy is a great comfort for baby. The child feels safe with his cuddly toy, he cuddles him and things are already better! This is not its only power, for babies, the plush toy has a magical dimension: as they grow, the memory remains and allows them to rediscover their past emotions.

The comforter also brings good company to your child, it takes him everywhere and in all situations: to the park, to school, to bed, in the car... and it's even more practical when he is hangs everywhere, like our customizable musical comforters !

The soft toy also offers an important sensory dimension in the child's development. The comforter takes on a lot of smells: baby's, the house, mom, dad and even laundry. All these smells are a comfort for the child at bedtime.😴

  • Second reason: Music soothes and awakens baby

From a very young age, it is important to expose your baby to music; this helps stimulate him and develop his ear for sounds, and musical stuffed animals contribute to this. Children who are exposed to music from a young age are predisposed to the arts, have more imagination and are more inventive.

The music has a calming effect , the familiar melody played by the musical comforter relaxes baby. Repeating the lullaby allows little ones to be reassured and feel confident. It facilitates gentle bedtime thanks to the musical ritual . Our original and modern lullabies are the perfect example: soft and modern, they gently stimulate baby.

Mixed musical comforter

  • Third reason: The combination of 2 in 1

Yes, the advantage of offering a lullaby soft toy for baby is also the practical side.
A single product for two functions: the comforter that baby loves, which reassures him and the lullaby included in his music box. This avoids unnecessary clutter, there are already enough things to carry when you have a baby!

What is also practical is that the child has no problem grabbing the musical comforter and pulling the string. All baby has to do is fall asleep while squeezing his musical plush toy while letting himself be lulled by the melody of his musical cuddly toy.

At Mellipou, it is in our DNA to help parents, which is why we decided to combine the two . Even our musical activity arches are in this spirit with the lullaby plush which detaches so that baby can cuddle it in his bed. And since we really think of everything, our stuffed animals are waterproof and Made in France! Wouldn't we be a little too strong? 🤔

Musical cloud with well-known lullabies

  • Fourth reason: Our stuffed animals are waterproof!

That's extremely practical. The waterproof side of the plush allows it to be used anywhere. If baby wants to listen to his favorite lullaby while he takes his bath, which can make the moment even more relaxing, there is no risk of damaging the mechanism of the musical plush toy .

Having a baby also means getting stained, which is why the musical plush toys are waterproof, which is absolutely brilliant. Baby made a stain? No problem, because the plush toy is completely machine washable.

  • Fifth reason: It’s super original!

A great gift, for a simply great baby! A soft toy is cool, but a soft toy with customizable music is fantastic!

Generally, babies grow up with their comfort blanket, so you have to leave a lasting memory and what could be better than growing up with an original and modern lullaby like that of Harry Potter , Game of Thrones or even Stevie Wonder .

So already having a lullaby included in the comforter is fantastic, but even more so when the comforter is too cute and original like a star or a cloud . A shape that is easy for baby to hold and which blends well with the decoration of the room .

Frankly, we agree that there are only advantages to offering a customizable musical plush toy to baby. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that you can personalize it with the first name. The icing on the cake is that it is Made in France . 😁

Original and customizable musical cloud

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